Sharing Contest!
Hello, guys! Do you know we are with a new contest? Yeah, a Facebook Contest! You can get 8 items of all RedPlay!
If you win, you can choose 8 items, any, except Mod Only items. You can choose rare items, paid items and classes!

Click in "Read More" to know how to participate in the Sharing Contest!

Click Here to see the Facebook Post!

How do I participate?
You need to share the post as Public and tag 2 friends in the sharing, inviting them to play RedPlay and writting the game site in the sharing ( You also need to comment your IGN (in-game name) in the post (not in your share) like this: "IGN: Okumura" (where you change "Okumura" for your IGN). If you don't follow all those requirements, you will not win.

When the contest will end?
When we get 6k likes in the page. Now we have 5.800, so I think the contest won't last weeks (maybe just days!), so you need to be fast in participate! Click Here to see our Facebook Page!

How many winners the contest will have?
Just one. We will give 8 items, that is so much! You need to be lucky!

How will you choose the winner?
We will use a website called "Woobox" which will randomly pick a winner by the comment, so we will check if the winner followed all the rules. If not, we will pick up other winner and check again.

That's all, folks! Just follow the requirements to participate and we will pick a winner when we get 6.000 likes in the page!

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