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How were the last events?

Hello, players! Sorry for not posting the news, now we are back writting all the things happening in RedPlay! In other week we had the Okumura Hardcore event, with lots of anime and game related items, and the Saitama Class! And in the past week we had the Magic Forest event. In this exact moment we are working in the Void Commander Class!

Okumura Hardcore Event

/join okumura to start the Hardcore Event! She needs your help to clear the path to the underground cave and make it safe for the other people who would like to buy her things. After helping her, you can start the Farming Quest to get some of her gear. You can have a lot of armors (anime and game themed) and helms, and weapons! Just bring the things she want. Her most powerful and valuable thing is the Saitama Class (based on One Punch Man).

Magic Forest Event

/join magicforest to help Castiel! He likes to make weapons with his magical skills, but he needs to keep the place safe for the people who will buy his things, just like Okumura. Do his quests to get enough items for the merge shop! You can do the farm quests after finishing the event. The boss can drop with 10% chance those weapons in the first image of the post! Also, it have a 5% chance to drop his core. You can sell the core for a great amount of money or do the Castiel quest to trade the core for a great amount of Exp (and a farm item). You choose what do you want!

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