Cemetery Event!

Revenger Soul Class!

Hello guys! Have you seen this week event? We have a lot of new items! Ready to get some dark themed items and help a soul to make revenge?

/join cemetery to see how to help this soul. It can't be seen, but you can hear it. It is asking for help. Those monsters in the Cemetery tortured it in a lot of different ways that you won't like to know. If you help him, you can get it's powers!

Also, check the LQS and see if it still have some items for you. Those swords are really cool!!

The Day Realm was invaded by a really bad Night Realm resident. /joindayrealm and help this man to catch the Invader back to the Night Realm, and get items by collecting Souls of Night from it! You can get really awesome gear like the Doge Pet (WOW)!

And what comes next?

In this Friday we will have a hardcore event based on Okumura the Dealer! She may be a cute girl, but she can really beat some bad guys. She will give you her items if you do the quests. They will really worth the battles! Also, we will have Lvl 400 Enhancements, the Level Cap will be 500 and we will release the Saitama Class! (no, it won't be really OP [you can translate OP to Over Powered or One Punch, whatever] but it will be REALLY REALLY strong).

See ya next Friday!

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