Talk Like a Pirate Day!
And New Evo Light Caster LQS!

Hello! Or should I say "Ahoy"? It's TLaPD! Time for Naval Commanders and pirate themed events! Ready to hunt booty and try to talk like a pirate? So hands on the deck and let's comemorate this date with /party!.

/join limeisland

Pirates are invanding the Lime Island, but the residents swear they don't have any treasure! What do they want there? Go and protect the island! If you still don't have Pirate reputation, go to /join sailor and do the quests until you get on rank 5 to start the quests. The Naval armors are in the shop, but you need to have rank 10 in Pirate. You can also buy the Naval Commander class!
There's a secret hidden treasure in the map... but WILL you find it? Go and discover!

Evolved Light Caster LQS

I hope it is not out of stock while you're reading this, but we released the Light Caster Class in the LQS, with all the other items. Use the Light powers to help your friends like an angel but also kick the enemy ass! It won't be restocked! Just open the Gam Menu and click on the Limited Shop button!

Coming Soon: The Clans! Choose between Deoxus, Clawfear and Hasdeath the clan who better fits your ideology!
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