Supernatural Event!

For real monster hunters!

Hi to all! I'm proud to announce our newest event: Supernatural: Monster Invasion! Based on the TV Series "Supernatural".

/join supernatural

Go to /supernatural to start the quests. Deano (Dean), Samuel (Sam) and Castiel need your help because the monsters are escaping from the RedPlay world to the real word, and you, hero, you are the strongest hero in RedPlay! You can save the world! And you need to discover who is the boss of this invasion. He might be a Shapeshifter, it means, he can switch his shape (as human or monster, or whatever).

5% Drop!

Kill the Fake Hunter to have a chance to drop the Vampire Queen/Knight armor! Based on the Vampire monsters, this armor is so gothic and stylish that you can cosplay a vampire. The Fake Hunter have a lot of HP, but his attack is not so much strong... You will need to make a party if you want to get the armor faster!

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