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Talk Like a Pirate Day!

And New Evo Light Caster LQS!

Hello! Or should I say "Ahoy"? It's TLaPD! Time for Naval Commanders and pirate themed events! Ready to hunt booty and try to talk like a pirate? So hands on the deck and let's comemorate this date with /party!.

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Supernatural Event!

For real monster hunters!

Hi to all! I'm proud to announce our newest event: Supernatural: Monster Invasion! Based on the TV Series "Supernatural".

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Sharing Contest!
Hello, guys! Do you know we are with a new contest? Yeah, a Facebook Contest! You can get 8 items of all RedPlay!
If you win, you can choose 8 items, any, except Mod Only items. You can choose rare items, paid items and classes!

Click in "Read More" to know how to participate in the Sharing Contest!

Click Here to see the Facebook Post!
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Cumulative News

How were the last events?

Hello, players! Sorry for not posting the news, now we are back writting all the things happening in RedPlay! In other week we had the Okumura Hardcore event, with lots of anime and game related items, and the Saitama Class! And in the past week we had the Magic Forest event. In this exact moment we are working in the Void Commander Class!

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Cemetery Event!

Revenger Soul Class!

Hello guys! Have you seen this week event? We have a lot of new items! Ready to get some dark themed items and help a soul to make revenge?

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